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a collaboration with Dimitar Pentchev

Sound Weavers

2019 ad-hoc group created by Ixchel Suarez and Dimitar Pentchev. The idea of having music improvisation, video form, photography, weaving performance, poetry and stories was a fascinating exploration developed early 2019 by Suarez and Pentchev. Thanks to the support of the CCA and the OAC, and the collaboration with the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre Sound of Threads that this immersive project came to be. Immersive, sensual, provocative. These three adjectives come to mind when thinking about this piece. At the same time, it is also grounded, relatable, concrete. Art Performance, full of music, improvisation, and weaving. World Premiere!

About Dimitar Pentchev

Dimitar Pentchev, aka Sound Convincer   COMPOSER, PIANIST, PRODUCER

Dimitar Pentchev is a Canadian based musician and producer. He has been a professional composer for theatre and film since 1996. He has worked as a composer and music director with theatre companies in his native Bulgaria, in the USA and as a theatre composer in the UK at the Bristol Shakespeare Festival. He wrote original music and played Snug in the Bristol Touring Shakespeare’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which was performed in front of almost 4,000 people for a fortnight in July, 2005.

In 2006 Dimitar was commissioned to write a full score for the 1929 legendary film “Pandora’s Box”, starring Louise Brooks, dir. G.W. Pabst, which was performed then live at the “Silent Sisters” festival in Dallas, Texas. There have been many attempts to score this film classical film but after hearing Mr. Pentchev’s score, Barry Paris, biographer of Louise Brooks called it “the definitive score” for the movie. Since then, Dimitar has scored another feature silent film – “Lucky Star” (1929), starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell, for a private collection in the USA and the most recent film project has been the documentary “Olive Thomas: Everybody’s Sweetheart” (2003), which was realized by Timeline Films, USA and financed by Hugh Hefner.

Throughout his career as a composer, Dimitar Pentchev has won some prestigious awards – twice nominated for the most prestigious Theatre award in Bulgaria – A’Askeer – he won the award on his second nomination in 1999. In the same year Radio “Tempo”, Bulgaria gave him a Special Prize – for best original music for a Bulgarian play (“Epic Times”). In September 2001 in vigorous competition with fellow composers he won First Prize at the 4th Russell Horn Young Composers Competition. The critics praised the successful fusion between American Jazz and Bulgarian folk elements in his winning piece “Conversations for Violin and Piano”.

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