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Tapestry is a traditional medium that after 36 years of experience has drawn me to explore the vision of applying it into different ways. My formal training of Design, Photography and Textiles in Mexico, my country of origin, gave me a firm basis to understand the traditional structures of fibre and weaving. The influence I experienced while being introduced to the Eastern European Polish textile art and now my immersion into a diverse culture such as Canada has widened my spectrum of possibilities to explore with non-conventional materials.
My knowledge of photography has been a very important support, and a tool for creating my textile art. Through the lens, I capture images of nature such as textures, reflections, surfaces. These images are then transformed into fibre language with natural and synthetic fibres.

Once the images are interpreted through a textile form, they become my second skin. Reference and metaphor of time are the primary search.
Nature and texture as my great inspiration;
Weaving as a metaphor of fertility, connection, tissue, skin.
All as a fractal of nature... they connect us all into this ever-changing world.

In one instant, my images of nature’s textures, patterns, reflection are captured – then months are spent translating the essence of that image into a work of art with silk, cotton and wool. 

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